New Year, New Possibilities…

So another year passes and our thoughts turn to what will be in the next twelve months. Just like everyone else, we have big plans and can’t wait to get stuck into them…

Some will pay off and some may not (just like that new gym membership!) but one of the most important things for us is that we share our experiences with you all and in return, we hope that you share your automotive experiences with us either via our website, Facebook or Twitter!


We will aim to bring you great articles from the worlds of motoring and photography and share with you things that we like from both and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. However, we will need your help!

We would like you to keep us up to date with shows and events that are happening in your area, post pictures of your own cars (or others that you spot on the street via our new Forum) and most importantly, if you truly love your car, you could always arrange a shoot with us! But more of that to come soon…

So I guess what we’re really saying is, watch this space! Oh, and don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook for regular updates and share it with your friends, after all, it’s like minded people that help us grow!

We wish you the best for the coming year…

This is Genesis…

And before you click away, we don’t mean the 70’s rock band, we mean the beginning! This is our first (proper) blog post and the subject, well cars and photography really (very imaginative!).

The advent of the digital camera has done more for photography than anything else, but followed closely behind has been the Internet. Never has there been more demand for user generated content and with billions of photographs on the web, even taking out the ‘naughty’ pictures, it is very apparent that the web provides the perfect platform for this medium.


I for one still love to see a framed image or feel and smell a printed image that has a construct and a quality gained from a quality print. However, nobody can deny that a great image on a website can’t provide feeling and emotion an image in a magazine can. In fact, thanks to rapidly changing technology such as Apple’s ‘Retina’ displays and other high quality devices, seeing an image on a computer screen in a correctly lit environment can be truly inspiring.

And what for the devices that captures these images, the availability of quality cameras to ‘the-man-on-the-street’ is staggering. Any photo enthusiast with even a modest budget can capture images of a quality that even just five or ten years ago would have been reserved for the deepest of pockets or professionals.

And yet there is one more element that can be thrown into the mix, a word that has fired fear into the heart of many a photographer and seemingly split photography enthusiast down the middle… Instagram of course. The quality of image produced from mobile device is unbelievable enough but throw in a means of creating beautiful, artistic images that are absurdly popular is a terrifying mix.

What kind of environment could tie in all of this ultra-fast moving development and an explosion in artistic expressionism not seen since the Renaissance (tongue slightly in cheek) but social media, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and just about any web based means of sharing an image or story or any possible information that may be of interest to other…


So what does this have to do with ‘Paradise Garage’? Well without this unbelievable  mix of all things artistic, social and technological, it simply wouldn’t be possible for a site like ours to function where the audience is king and the content is created to please more than just the client but enthusiasts from all walks of life. 

Never before in history has there been a better time to create images and content that can be fluid and influenced by the audience and even contributed to via mediums such as our Facebook page (please ‘Like’ the page!) and as we approach a new year, our inaugural operating year, this is our new beginning, this is Genesis…

So What is Paradise Garage?

Paradise Garage is primarily a photography company specialising in automotive photography. We photograph anything automotive from self-build projects to manufacturer’s prototypes and events. We are passionate about cars and photography in equal measure and love capturing beautiful images of cars from the beautiful sweeping lines to the smallest of details.


Providing feature photography for publications and the web, we are focused on creating beautiful images that adapt to suit the style and feel of the vehicle we are shooting. With a host of preferred locations based in and around Birmingham we can compose and deliver photographs with more than just a documentary feel, we capture images with atmosphere and emotion.  


With a high level of technical ability and a great understanding of cars, we aim to exceed your expectations and deliver a product that you can be proud of. We cater for al budgets and due to our own personal passion for cars, are equally happy shooting high budget advertising shoots down to self-built one man projects in a garage.

We can also deliver a range of other services including event documentation and videography. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further requests.